Software is what makes your systems work. You want the right software at the best price.

The right software makes all the difference between accomplishing things effectively and struggling to get things done. Getting the best prices can make a real difference to your finances. We provide a wide variety of software, and we pride ourselves on competitive pricing.

MS Office

MS Office is one of the most commonly used office suites in the world. There are locally installed versions, as well as cloud based versions. You can choose individual applications, or various bundles to meet your specific needs and budget. Make sure that all of your staff have the tools they need without spending extra on software that not everyone needs.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers a robust set of office productivity tools with unmatched capacity to work collaboratively on documents of all sorts. Their entire system has been designed from the ground up to enable collaboration and distributed work in a secure and transparent fashion.

Workforce Monitoring

Don’t stay up at night worrying about what your employees might be doing with your data. While you always want to trust your employees, you also have an obligation to ensure that your private data stays private. With our workforce monitoring solutions you can carefully monitor your team to see which employees are violating your privacy policies so that you can educate them to prevent future incidents and increase workplace trust and productivity. Our workforce monitoring software runs at all times to make sure that your employees focus on their work, not on copying your data.

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