Security is more than locks on your doors. Keep yourself, your staff and your business safe by making sure your networks are safe.

Your computer network needs to be fast and efficient. Equally, it needs to be secure. You need to make sure that your private data stays private, and that no one can change the data that you and your business depend on. You also need to ensure that your systems and data remain available to you. We offer many options using hardware, software and services to help you protect yourself. All of our scalable network security solutions can expand with your business so that your systems will remain protected even as your company grows.

Access Control

Access control is critical to protecting your data and files from those that do not need to see them. Access control can include strong password requirements, multi-factor authentication (2FA / MFA), or limiting which devices can access your data and network. In a world full of security vulnerabilities, we help you protect what is important to you.

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Endpoint Control

You want to make sure that only authorized devices connect to your network. In addition, you want any device that connects to your network to be properly updated. And you need to make sure that these devices are not loaded with malware of all sorts. The right tools can insure that only the right devices, appropriately updated and protected, can get on to your network.

Firewall / Filter / UTM

A firewall is the gatekeeper for the traffic flowing in and out of your network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software (or both), to protect your system from intrusions and to block any data that doesn’t meet your security requirements. They can also be used for content filtering, network and usage monitoring and spam filtering. Some firewalls are very specialized, dealing with only one function such as spam filtering. Others , commonly know as UTM (Unified threat management) devices, take on many of these functions, giving you one place to manage many of the threats that face your network.

Firewalls, filters and UTM devices are crucial and highly effective components of your security infrastructure. But they need to be set up correctly and require constant updates to keep your system protected from the latest threats, without choking your ability to communicate smoothly with the rest of the world. Our solutions meet the highest industry standards for security and are updated regularly and monitored carefully by our team to ensure that updates will not compromise the efficiency of your network and that threats are effectively and constantly blocked.

Internet filtering is an especially important factor. There are many issues that come up in this context.

One potential problem is that people can sometimes have poor judgement or work habits, and use their access in troublesome ways. Whether it’s visiting inappropriate websites, spending large amounts of time taking care of personal business or doing things that are not safe, these are things that a business wants to prevent. Another problem is that even people who are just trying to do their jobs with good judgement can run into trouble. People make errors. Scammers and fraudsters may succeed in victimizing someone. Sometimes a legitimate site gets hacked.

Whatever the case, you want to make sure that people’s ability to visit bad sites is limited. And perhaps you also need to limit how much time people can spend on line, or when they can get on line. Internet filtering is one of the ways to create these limits.

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Whether you call it MFA or 2FA, having at least a second factor to authenticate users before they can access your systems is a key to strong cyber-security. We provide a choice of solutions, to make sure that you get the system that fits your needs. These solutions allow you to use apps or hardware tokens. They can secure you your endpoints, email, cloud accounts and any other system you need to keep secure.


Secure, manage and monitor any corporate mobile device and manage access from employee owned devices with our mobile device management services. Our user-friendly solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently set up mobile devices and allow employees to quickly register their devices and to understand your company’s mobile policies from the start.

Once registered, our mobile device management solutions enable you to track and control your employees’ mobile activities as needed. Our solution enables you to limit what employees can do with the devices you issue, and also allow you to segregate your employees’ personal activities from your assets. This protects you without overstepping your employees’ privacy. We also offer the ability to deliver security updates to your mobile workforce to keep your mobile devices safe at all times. Let us help you secure your mobile network – you’ll be glad that you did!

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Workforce Monitoring

Don’t stay up at night worrying about what your employees might be doing with your data. While you always want to trust your employees, you also have an obligation to ensure that your private data stays private. With our workforce monitoring solutions you can carefully monitor your team to see which employees are violating your privacy policies so that you can educate them to prevent future incidents and increase workplace trust and productivity. Our workforce monitoring software runs at all times to make sure that your employees focus on their work, not on copying your data.

Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing

Spam is not just annoying. It presents a significant threat to your organization. Phishing is a specialized form of spam, and it’s every bit as dangerous. Whatever your email platform, you want a filter in place to significantly reduce the inflow. Of course, you want your staff to recognize the garbage and toss it, but the less of this trash that reaches them, the better off everyone is.

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Scammers and fraudsters go to great lengths to get malware onto the computers, mobiles, and servers of your network. Your network. And even with excellent training, solid perimeter defenses and highly tuned filters, sometimes they might succeed. Good anti-virus products can often keep malware off your devices. And when that’s not possible, they can stop the malware from running or succeeding in doing damage or spreading themselves.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to have people safely log in to your network from devices that may not be physically located on your network. It’s very easy to give people access to your network as long as your network is attached to the internet. But doing it safely is a different issue. A VPN is one of the keys to making this happen. It forces users and devices to be authenticated to the network in general before they can even try to log into a specific device. Thus even if someone has a way to subvert the security of a specific device such as a Windows server, they would be turned back before they could get to attack the server.

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