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Buying a desktop computer is similar to purchasing a new pair of sneakers – there are tons of great options that work reasonably well, but if you really research your options, you’ll often see that there is one standout option that will clearly provide the best match for your specific needs.

Desktop computers come in many sizes, with or without a screen built in, to accommodate different spaces and needs for flexibility. They are also differently configured to meet different use cases. Are you going to install many programs on the computer? Do you need to review a lot of drawings? Will you be managing large amounts of data? Or do you need the flexibility to get high performance on a wide variety of tasks?

When our experts ‘fit’ you for a new desktop, we’ll evaluate your company’s computing needs, performance goals and budget so that we can guide you to the right desktop for the right price.

Thinking of upgrading all of your company’s desktops? Ask us about our volume discounts and financing options so that you can get the technology you need at a price you can afford.

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Workstations are commonly used for tasks such as photo and video editing, computer-aided design (CAD) work and business intelligence (BI) processing. If your company requires high-end data crunching or graphics processing solutions, you’ll probably need a top-notch workstation that will serve as a tool to reach these goals. Our clients appreciate our workstation solutions because they allow users to be more productive and to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

See for yourself how our powerful workstations will help you perform tasks comfortably and work more efficiently to achieve impressive results.


Laptops are the industry standard for anyone who works both at home and in the office, travels for business, or has meetings and presentations outside of the office. Our enterprise-class laptops can offer the same performance as a desktop in an easy-to-carry mobile design. We outfit every laptop with high quality encryption to protect you from data theft or loss. Our laptops can also be protected with our backup solutions to ensure that you’ll have data access anywhere, even if your laptop is not with you.

Just as with standard desktops, there are many choices so you can get the laptop that is most suited to your needs. Whether you need the most portability, easy ability to present information, high end performance or any other feature, we can help you find a laptop that will suit you.

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Thin Client

Thin clients are designed to work only when connected to a server. They generally have little or no storage, and often they also have lower end processors and modest amounts of RAM. There tend to be more limits on what can be done on a thin client than on a standard desktop. The cost of a thin client tends to be significantly lower than for a full desktop or laptop.

They are ideal for situations where there is a rock solid connection to a server that has the capacity to handle the extra processing and management load of these clients, centralization of data is crucial and the upfront cost of the client is a high concern.

Our expert consultants can help you determine whether thin clients are appropriate for your company and can seamlessly integrate thin clients into your system as needed.


Chromebooks are similar to thin clients in that they are designed to be primarily used while connected to the internet. Because primary processing and storage is in the cloud, you can often get excellent performance with lower hardware specs. At the same time, Chromebooks can work off-line, so that you don’t lose time and productivity if someone needs to work in an area with poor connection. Unlike a standard laptop, a Chromebook will automatically sync back to the cloud when it comes back to a usable connection.

Managing a fleet of Chromebooks centrally and remotely is very straightforward. This includes ensuring that all updates are done and appropriate access controls are in place.

Despite their relatively low cost, Chromebooks are serious business machines. HP Chromebooks, for example, are durable and have excellent support and hardware warranty. They have a wide variety of models to meet a variety of needs, including units designed for the education market and physically challenging environments.

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