The equipment that you attach to your computers needs to be as carefully chosen as your computers.

We need to attach all sorts of devices to our computers. Some, like monitors or keyboards, may be required in order to actually use the computer. Others, such as scanners or printers may seem less important, but the right choices can improve productivity, make your life much easier, and save you time, money and effort.


Until the truly paperless office becomes a common reality, most offices will need to print documents, pictures and other items such as labels, receipts etc. Printers can be shared or assigned to a single workstation, color or monochrome (aka B&W), and used for a variety of different purposes. Whether you need a standard document printer, photo printer, or a more specialized type of printer, the right choice can make the difference between printers that work with your workflow rather than interrupting it.

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Whether you need to digitize archival records, or make copies of new items, the right scanner is the key to getting your documents digitized. There are many relevant features that one should consider when choosing a scanner. The right scanner can help you upgrade your workflow, and enable you to improve your document management and retention.


The monitor is the primary output interface for most computer users. The right monitor is the key to enabling your users to use their computers effectively. There are a wide variety of monitors, enabling you to choose the right monitor for each task and person. Whether it’s a large format monitor for someone who is visually impaired, a high resolution, high frame rate monitor for a workstation doing a lot of video work, or just an easy on the eye (and easy on the purse) basic monitor for people who are looking at their screens all day, we can help you make the right choice.

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As companies try to reduce travel and the cost of meetings, as well as the effectiveness of remote and dispersed teams, webcams have become an increasingly important tool. The right webcam could be a low cost item intended for occasional casual use or range to a high resolution, flexible device intended to work well in meeting rooms, with many models in between. Identifying the right webcam can help make your team more productive while avoiding annoying and time wasting problems

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