The things that create and define your network

A network is not just a bunch of computers sitting in one room. It’s not even a variety of equipment in one building or company. A network is a group of equipment working together as one system to share resources and communicate within the system and with the world.

Server Hardware

Servers are the center of your network. They are not high powered PCs. Rather they are machines that use specialized hardware and software to provide shared resources and services to all of the people who use your network. Servers enable can enable

  • Sharing of data, information and programs

  • Management of shared hardware such as printers

  • Management of communications and security

data servers illustration
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Your data can be in many places. However, in order to manage and protect it well, you want it to be in centrally managed and shared spaces. This could mean that the data resides on your servers, or it could be on shared storage on your premises or in the cloud. Properly managed, shared storage allows everyone who needs it, to access your data, but prevents anyone who doesn’t need it from access.


Switches are the traffic directors of your network. Because they are used in so many different situations, there are many options to consider. Switches vary in size, how many devices they can link and the speed at which they communicate. Some switches can even provide power to the devices that connect to them. Some switches employ a set-it-and-forget-it approach, with minimal flexibility. Others offer a lot of control, but require more management.

The right switches ensure that you can get to your data and shared resources quickly and smoothly, without extra overhead or expense. Our team will help you determine which network switches you need so that your team can reach what they need to, when they need to.

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Wireless connectivity is a crucial component of up-to-date networks. Your business should have a network that is fast, user-friendly and highly secure. We design custom wireless systems with state of the art technology to keep your team as productive as possible and your network as safe as possible.

Our wireless networks are designed for accessibility so that employees and guests can logon in a secure environment without needing to contact IT. Access can be provided to everyone, but it can also be limited based on user, device type, location or time of day. And your wireless network can work with your security set-up to block unwanted apps, illegal content, or usage that presents a threat to your organization

Server Licensing and Virtualization

Network software is the key to making your server hardware work. Windows Server is one of the primary server OS’s in use in modern networks and data centers, and the correct licensing is crucial to making sure that you can create the appropriate network core. In addition, the right virtualization solution will enable you to getting the most out of your servers (hardware and software).

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