Enable your staff to work even when they aren’t in the office.


Laptops are the industry standard for anyone who works both at home and in the office, travels for business, or has meetings and presentations outside of the office. Our enterprise-class laptops can offer the same performance as a desktop in an easy-to-carry mobile design. We outfit every laptop with high quality encryption to protect you from data theft or loss. Our laptops can also be protected with our backup solutions to ensure that you’ll have data access anywhere, even if your laptop is not with you.

Just as with standard desktops, there are many choices so you can get the laptop that is most suited to your needs. Whether you need the most portability, easy ability to present information, high end performance or any other feature, we can help you find a laptop that will suit you.

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Chromebooks are similar to thin clients in that they are designed to be primarily used while connected to the internet. Because primary processing and storage is in the cloud, you can often get excellent performance with lower hardware specs. At the same time, Chromebooks can work off-line, so that you don’t lose time and productivity if someone needs to work in an area with poor connection. Unlike a standard laptop, a Chromebook will automatically sync back to the cloud when it comes back to a usable connection.

Managing a fleet of Chromebooks centrally and remotely is very straightforward. This includes ensuring that all updates are done and appropriate access controls are in place.

Despite their relatively low cost, Chromebooks are serious business machines. HP Chromebooks, for example, are durable and have excellent support and hardware warranty. They have a wide variety of models to meet a variety of needs, including units designed for the education market and physically challenging environments.


Secure, manage and monitor any corporate mobile device and manage access from employee owned devices with our mobile device management services. Our user-friendly solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently set up mobile devices and allow employees to quickly register their devices and to understand your company’s mobile policies from the start.

Once registered, our mobile device management solutions enable you to track and control your employees’ mobile activities as needed. Our solution enables you to limit what employees can do with the devices you issue, and also allow you to segregate your employees’ personal activities from your assets. This protects you without overstepping your employees’ privacy. We also offer the ability to deliver security updates to your mobile workforce to keep your mobile devices safe at all times. Let us help you secure your mobile network – you’ll be glad that you did!

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