Keeping your systems safe is crucial for your business and for all the people it touches.

When we think about security, we often think about physical security, like locks and gates. Or access and alarm systems for our physical premises. But that’s no longer enough. The systems we use to run our businesses need to be secure, too. We need to make sure that our information is accurate and that it’s accessible to us.

Security goes beyond keeping information accessible and accurate. There are many other threats, as well. Bad actors can use your resources to harm others. They can steal your money and other assets. Other damage can happen as well. Sometimes it’s deliberate, sometimes it’s a mistake or it can even be something that was not caused by people.

Workforce Monitoring

Don’t stay up at night worrying about what your employees might be doing with your data. While you always want to trust your employees, you also have an obligation to ensure that your private data stays private. With our workforce monitoring solutions you can carefully monitor your team to see which employees are violating your privacy policies so that you can educate them to prevent future incidents and increase workplace trust and productivity. Our workforce monitoring software runs at all times to make sure that your employees focus on their work, not on copying your data.

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Access Management

One of the ways we protect our systems is by managing who can actually access that system, and limiting what people can do. In many cases, you want to also limit what can access your system, or how. Basically, it’s much the same as the access control system a business uses for their physical site.

Different situations have different needs. Some businesses have legal obligations. Others may have highly sensitive information that they need to keep secure. In many cases, businesses have different information and systems that have different needs for protection.

We work with you to figure out what you need to manage access to your systems. We can keep it simple. But we can also manage access in the most detailed way. Even if it means keeping a list of who can access what system on which device.


Secure, manage and monitor any corporate mobile device and manage access from employee owned devices with our mobile device management services. Our user-friendly solutions enable you to quickly and efficiently set up mobile devices and allow employees to quickly register their devices and to understand your company’s mobile policies from the start.

Once registered, our mobile device management solutions enable you to track and control your employees’ mobile activities as needed. Our solution enables you to limit what employees can do with the devices you issue, and also allow you to segregate your employees’ personal activities from your assets. This protects you without overstepping your employees’ privacy. We also offer the ability to deliver security updates to your mobile workforce to keep your mobile devices safe at all times. Let us help you secure your mobile network – you’ll be glad that you did!

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Network / Perimeter Security

A network with no unified perimeter security is like a gate in the road, with no fences to back it up. Many different types of products work together to keep the network as a whole secure. Products like VPN, Firewall / UTM appliances and filters work together to create the equivalent of an electronic fence that keeps outsiders out and prevents insiders from leaking sensitive information.

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