Bad things happen. Let us help you recover.

No matter how well we plan and manage our business, things happen. Some things we can plan for. Others are simply too unexpected to plan for. A really good resiliency plan along with the right infrastructure can help you survive and recover from even the most unexpected situation. And sometimes, the right set up can actually keep a potentially disastrous event from causing major damage.

Managed Backup

A solid back strategy is one of the most important pieces of an effective resiliency plan. Effective backups can be the difference between disaster and mere annoyance. Even when an event truly is a disaster, backups are a key part of recovery. No matter what happened to your data and how it happened, if you have backups, you can get it back. It doesn’t matter if it happened because of human error, bad actors or outside events like a storm. Nor does it matter whether your data was deleted, encrypted, corrupted or lost along with physical equipment. If you have the right back ups, you can get it back. And that can make the difference between surviving and even thriving … or not.

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Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. Sometimes they are newsworthy events that affect many people. Whether it’s a major storm that causes flooding and major damage, a gas main explosion that tears up a street or a major hack, you want to be one of the businesses that gets through it. Other times it’s a local event, but one that is extremely serious for your business. It could be major damage to your physical location, sabotage, fraud or something else. And you want to make sure that you recover and continue to operate. In all of these situations, the right IT and the right partner can help you do just that, and even to flourish.

Business Continuity Planning

Planning for major change and potential disaster is like insurance, but better. Good planning can help you reduce the scope of problems before they get too big, make sure that you have the right pieces in place to deal with the changes and challenges you face, figure out next steps when something bad happens, and actually take effective steps to move forward.

There are many pieces to a good plan. The plan will outline things like what your organization will do in different types of situations; who will take on different roles and their backups; how you will deal with staff and customers; and what needs to be in place to make all of this possible. Good plans don’t have to be complex. But they do need to be complete and an experience partner with deep IT skills can make all the difference in the world.

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