Hosted solutions allow you to reap the benefits of IT infrastructure, without the drudgery of maintenance.

There are technologies that are crucial to your ability to run your business. But maintaining those technologies takes time, effort and resources that you may prefer to allocate to the things that make your business unique. What to do?

Hosted services can be a good solution to this problem. You get the benefit of the technology, without having to devote staff, space and other resources to the mundane tasks of keeping everything running. Your systems are there when you need them without your staff needing to spend time on a daily basis dealing with the details of making it happen. The infrastructure belongs to you, but you don’t have to take care of it, and you don’t even have to find the space for it. And you can access it from wherever you need to.

Among the hosted services we provide are:


Every business needs to have a robust email platform. That is not negotiable. But in order to keep your communications platform safe, secure, fast and reliable, you need to maintain it. That means managing the hardware and maintaining the software.

Or you can host your email system with us, and we take care of all of that.

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Colocation and Hosted Data Center

Data centers are no longer just the province of very large companies. Any active company that has shared data and resources has either moved everything into the cloud, or has a data center, even if they don’t think of it that way. Even if it’s just a small closet with a couple of servers, that’s a data center. Sure, it’s small, but it’s at the heart of your business.

Sometimes you want a mirror of your data center someplace that is not your site. That gives you redundancy if something goes wrong with your site, while keeping your primary access in your location. Sometimes, you don’t want your datacenter at your location. Maybe it’s because you don’t have the space for it, you don’t want to manage it, everyone is remote anyway or some other reason.

Whatever your reason, we can host your data center for you. We’ll work with you to figure out the most appropriate set up for and make it happen. Get all the benefits of a data center without the need for managing the maintenance.

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