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MFA or ‘Multi-Factor Authentication.’ What Is It? And Why Do You Need It?

March 24th, 2022|Definitions, Security|

When you consider how easily passwords can be cracked and stolen, you should implement some flavor of MFA not ONLY for business security but also in your personal devices and important websites.

Computer Care Basics. Some Do’s and Don’ts to Get the Most Out of Your Computer

March 15th, 2022|Hardware|

While upgrades are always an option, more often than not, they involve time and money. There are some basic cleaning and daily care habits that can help maximize the life of your computer without breaking the bank.

Service Contract vs. Hardware Support Contract. What’s the Difference and Why You Should Have Both

December 28th, 2021|Definitions, Support|

The difference between a Managed Services Contract and a Hardware Support Contract are subtle but very important. . . . Servers and other IT equipment are mission-critical components of your business. Why mess around and not have the most comprehensive support possible? Ideally, your managed Services vendor and the hardware support contract work in tandem to ensure your entire IT infrastructure is running at peak performance.

Migrating from On-Premises Microsoft Office to Microsoft’s 365 Cloud Solution.

December 9th, 2021|Cloud Computing, Microsoft|

For decades, Microsoft’s Office suite of products were deployed on an on-premises basis (often abbreviated to ‘on-prem’). On-prem is the deployment of a software application installed or hosted locally; 365 is Microsoft’s embrace of Cloud computing solutions. Here are some things to think about when considering a move to Microsoft's 365

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